Tuesday, April 23, 2013

seeing is believing: what nerium has done for me in five days

why on earth would someone purposely display a bad-angled, horrible-dingy-laundry-room-lit, not-a-stitch-of-makeup, wasn’t-planning-on-anyone-seeing-ever self-portrait for all the world to see??
{be kind, please be kind}
well, its simple really
after merely five days of using this bottle of Nerium AD anti-aging night cream a very skeptically me could see dramatic improvements in the feel and appearance of my skin
so great that i would post this completely unflattering, really-do-i-look-like-that photo for all to see
i am so excited to share this with you in the hopes you may have a similar experience
we all have things that we zero in on when we look in the mirror or see photos of ourselves
things that others wouldn’t even notice until we point them out 
and then maybe not even then
that wrinkle on the side of our mouth
that red splotch on our forehead
or the seemingly ominous scars from acne in our teenage years
for me it is my squinty eyes
one squintier than the other
and particularly their baggy, tired look

obviously a night cream isn’t going to eliminate my asymmetrical squinty eyes 
but i was truthfully shocked and elated to see the diminishing of their tired and baggy look after only five nights of using Nerium AD
after only two nights i noticed that somehow i wasn’t looking as tired
which for a mother of four who gets ridiculously low amounts of sleep was a wonderful thing to detect
i didn’t know why my overall look was looking less zombiesque and more vibrant
i just could tell that it was
it wasn’t until i went to put on my Nerium AD for the sixth night that i remembered i needed to take photos beforehand to compare
after washing my face in my pajamas in my hotel room i took one photo
i pulled up my 'before' photo and looked
and looked again
in disbelief
i put them side by side
i zeroed in on my eyes
at 11:30 at night i texted my husband with all the giddiness of a school girl
it had worked
on me

now you might look at these photos and think
hmmm.. i don’t see much of a difference
let me tell you that to the one who looks at this face day after day, noticing its flaws, and can now see the changes in my face
the increase in the softness and luminescence of my skin
it is a tremendous confidence boost with an immediate spring in my step

enough to want to share this with every single one of you
it works
i have experienced it for myself
and that is what i would want for each of you
your own experience
your own chance to see if it can work for you
it is not meant to have overnight results but for me it worked much faster than i would have expected
a chance to see what it can do for you
a chance to decide for yourself
that is what i want for you

to entice you to jump on board
i am creating some fun around it
making it into a game of sorts of course
you know i love games...
and prizes
i am creating a Club Forever Young for those who would like to try the Nerium AD for 30 days and join me
with a 30 day money back guarantee and other ways to earn it for free, how could you resist joining in on the fun
look for more details to come!
i would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the product or the incredible company and its opportunity for financial freedom for your own family
read all about their $100 million growth last year and the award they won here
i don’t know if it will be right for you and your family
but i’d be happy to help in any way i can if you’d like to find out
if you are interested in more photos or in learning more about the cream or the business opportunity
feel free to reach out to me at mikeandbriana6@gmail.com
or head on over to our website to watch videos and order away
for those of you who live local, ask me about getting a sample to you


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