Tuesday, April 16, 2013

winner of the le petit society double giveaway: your support makes my spirit soar

i was so happy to have been able to partner with le petit society to bring you this double giveaway
having 329 entries made my spirit soar 
thank you all for your continued support
and a leaping heel click for all of you who decided you liked what you saw here 
at Sweet Dreams are Made of These and decided to follow me here on my blog or on Instagram
i hope to hear lots from my new readers
please come back and visit soon and often

without further ado
drumroll please....

edel and ning i have emailed you, so look for the messages of congratulations coming your way
your little ones will be donning their le petit society fashion soon

for the rest of you fabulous readers
you missed it by *this* much
so close

you are in luck though
i will be having another giveaway for le petit society soon
this time for the boy in your life

check back soon

a chance for your photos of your darling children to shine for the world to see
as well as have another opportunity to win more le petit society clothing
check out the contest here
i look forward to seeing entries of your littles
you may see some of mine


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