Thursday, April 11, 2013

there are stickers in my boots: challenges in child photography

challenges with child photography

as any mom knows who has tried to take family photos of any kind
getting your kids to cooperate can be beyond frustrating
and can bring out the worst of us
that moment when you are spewing irony with each yelled command
stop moving around and just act natural
can you just cooperate and be happy and smile???!!!!
some days taking photos of my children is easy
they are actually naturals with their posing and of course i consider them naturally beautiful so that helps mom out
with each photo shoot i long for the photography minds of my incredible photographer friends
who can create masterpieces of their children without them even knowing they are being photographed
geniuses i tell you
i am lucky to have quite a few of those friends
some of which have imparted wisdom onto me
one day i will learn how to shoot on manual
that was my goal for last year....and for this year
one day
one day

by this point in our 'le petit society' giveaway photo shoot Felicity is just done
thankfully i am laughing through my anxiety
how can you not chuckle at these glaring stares
at some point she decides to do her own thing
laying on the blanket
playing with her dolly
and she begins to enjoy it
and so does mom

if looks could kill
if looks could kill
i'm done

we pressed on to our second location
second outfit
i can hear her call out in her cute little voice
'thehre ah stickahs in my boots'
her first introduction to fox tails
as she repeatedly raised her knees wide spread bounding toward me with each step
i was chuckling to myself 
as i realized there was no way i could have prepared for this obstacle
stickers in her boots
we found patches of the field that were a little less 'weedy'
and we had to take time-outs to destickify her boots

challenges in child photography

i'm done

there are stickers in my boots

looking at these photos this morning she added
'i don't want to go thehre any moah
ouchies, ouchies in my feet'

i would LOVE to know some of your favorite tips on getting the cooperation of your children to take photos and any other advice on getting the most out of your photo shoots with your littles
the more i take photos
the more i realize how little i know
and how much there is to learn
which for some reason excites me instead of being overwhelming

and if you haven't enter the 'le petit society' double giveaway yet to win these darlings outfits
be sure to head on over here


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