Monday, April 15, 2013

prayers for boston

my heart is breaking for those affected by this tragedy today
moments once raised high in triumph
now wracked with terror and fear
lives changed instantaneously

just as i expressed in my post 'watching them closely' in the aftermath of Sandy Hook
my 'mother heart' aches and i just want to hold my loved ones tight
to hear of parents searching for their children amidst the chaos and thinking of the parents of the young boy who has killed brings tears to my eyes
images of those injured and those fleeing in panic places a heaviness in my soul
reminders that there are those who would do us harm

but today let the good of the nation envelop us all in kindness and love and hope 
as we offer aid to those affected by this event
and lift up our voices, kneeling as individuals and families
to pray for those people from Boston and around the world whose hearts and lives have been forever imprinted by this senseless act


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