Friday, April 05, 2013

what we're all about: hello party-goers from the ultimate blog party

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

pleased to meet 'cha
i'm Briana and this is my blog Sweet Dreams are Made of These
above are shown the stars of my blog:
my amazing hubby Mike
our busy crew of 4 
and of course the happenings in our lives that show that sweet dreams are made as all the pieces come together
i see life in a swirl of colors and ideas and do my best to create some sort of order.  to read about what swirling elements make up my family of 6 read here

here i blog about: 
the dish on mommyhood for four young active children {3 busy boys and 1 'baby girl' who has captured us all}- family fun, specializing in mayhem
my creative outlet - the essential part that creativity plays in finding joy in each day 
see my growing list of diy/tutorials here

i've picked a few of my favorite posts as a sampling of the types of things we chat about over here
i hope you'll grab your favorite bunny slippers
and stay awhile
i'd love to hear from you, my new friends
your friend in this journey,

back to school photoshoot marquee love in pieces Image Map


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