Tuesday, April 09, 2013

guest blogging on MINe Style today: 10 tips for styling the whole boy

ten tips for styling the whole boy

i am so honored to have been asked to be the very first guest blogger to collaborate with the three fresh faces
behind the darling MINe Style Blog
yet another fabulous find via Instagram 
is featured on their site today
click on over to weigh in with your own suggestions
with my 3 bustling boys as my muses
i not only provide tips on styling, but also offer suggestions on how to help your son develop his own sense of style confidently
as well as tips on the process of selecting an outfit though guiding your boys in good clothing pairing
particularly after he comes downstairs beaming in an outrageous outfit
to speak or to let be...
that is the question

MINe is a children's style blog chalk full of inspiring images of fashion, decor, and family fun
one look at you'll be captivated and need to come back for more
scouts honor...
well, on the honor of my scouts

here are a few of my favorite features:

lets give MINe a warm Sweet Dreams welcome
head on over with me
and let them know we've come to make new friends
the kind of friends who stand in long lines with you for Sees Candy samples


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