Thursday, April 04, 2013

Join Team MJ vs MS in the MS Walk 2013

Why am I walking you ask?
For the man that I love.
For the man who exibits daily unyielding strength  - strength of faith, strength of hope, strength of joy admist hardship, and strength to give each day his all no matter what he physically feels like inside.
For the father of my children
For the mate to my soul
For him I walk
Please join with me in showing him the impact his strength has made on you!

My sister-in-law Jani has graciously created Team 'MJ vs MS' for the Saturday April 27th MS Walk at NTC Park in San Diego to provide a way for us to show our love and support for Mike.
It is a 3 mile walk to support the research and education of Multiple Sclerosis.

Last year was our first year participating and our team rocked with our neon orange shirts proclaiming our team name MJ vs MS and expressing our anthem that MJ will conquer MS.  We had great support from family and friends! This is an easy walk, although a few of us broke a sweat, but it is made for physical abilities of all kinds.  The kids brought their scooters and there were others with strollers or even wheelchairs and walkers.  There are cheerleaders all along the path encouraging you along.
It was rather emotional for me, but I felt strengthened to be among so many other people who battle with this same disease within their own families and circle of friends.
It was a powerful experience.
Having my family and friends there by my side, in the absence of Mike, provided me with courage and strength to know that we are not going this alone.
With Team Banner waving high we walked and we walked til we reached that finish line.

I invite you to come join us as a participant on our team and show Mike the impact he has made on your life.
If you are unable to participate by walking perhaps consider sponsoring our team monetarily as a virtual walker;).
Together we can bring awareness and solutions for this crippling disease.

If you are interested, please visit our 
MJ vs MS Team Page to register to walk 
or donate here.

Then please comment or email me to let me know that you will be joining us on the walk and I can give you further details about t-shirts, caravanning, and the potluck lunch back at our home which will help Mike feel apart of our support and effort.

Thank you dear friends for you support as we have journeyed with MS together.

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