Friday, May 17, 2013

creating a community through commenting and following

i am absolutely delighted by the response my hubby received yesterday on his post
the mental challenge
that is the sort of community interaction i would love on a daily basis here on the blog
people sharing their lives with each other
to help lift up one another
a real community where people come to inspire others and be inspired
just by simply sharing their own life
isn’t it incredible to realize that each of you just living your own life and then sharing it can be a means of helping someone else with theirs
everyone is granted trials in life
if we choose to look at them as such, they can be tools for our own growth as well as little beacons of hope we can light for others
that is the power of our little blogging community that i have felt with you
thank you sweet friends
thank you

when have you benefited from sharing your life’s events with others? how have you grown from reading about someone else’s struggles and triumphs?

my challenge to you: comment more
allow others to hear from you no matter how brief it may be
i feel of your strength by simply knowing you have come by 
and the easiest way to let me know is to comment
i am so humbled when i hear people tell me when i see them that they love what they read here,
but i would have never known they were part of my readership
this space is just as much for you as it is for me
by commenting you put yourself in the arena of support
that may seem like a daunting thing to step out of anonymity
but allow yourself to reap the full benefits of being apart of a community like this
support, both the giving and receiving kind

my challenge to you: follow my blog
following my blog allows the best way for you to feel apart of this community that Mike and I are trying to encourage and perpetuate
it keeps you updated on the happenings on the blog
like your favorite tv show, each new episode builds on the last
it also enables me to take closer steps towards fulfilling my dream that i shared with you
of having a blog that will be a sustainable income for our family
‘following’ comes in various formats: email, subscribing to my feed, and/ or using a reader in particular Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram 
sponsors, public relation firms. and other online companies use the numbers from all of these medias in order to determine if i am worthy of their time and investment
numbers are the basic requirement before they will look at the quality of our content
i know you want to help support us 
and an easy way you can do that is to choose at least one way to ‘follow’ my blog
since google reader... that little box in the right that says ‘follow’ ... will be closed down by Google here soon i am in the process of rebuilding my following on other platforms
the best place to follow me would be through Bloglovin’ or subscribing by email through Feedburner
here are links to follow my blog:

follow this blog by subscribing to its feed
subscribe by email by entering your address into Feedburner or in the box towards the top right-->^
follow me on bloglovin
follow me on instagram
follow me on twitter
follow me on pinterest

i want to write a few posts to introduce you to feeds, readers, and other social media such as instagram and twitter
so help me know what you want to learn about
what questions do you have about any of that?
Jani, my sister in law, reminded me that social media is jibberish to so many people...
a feed...what are you feeding?
bloglovin’? why would i even need that?

so come on, hit me with your questions!
what do you want to know about social media and feeds and readers?  
don’t be shy...ask
remember a community of support
that’s what we have here
so ask


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