Friday, May 31, 2013

my body cries out to relax, but my mind doesn't know how

i am on the road again
this time for some serious r&r
however yesterday during our very first day of vacationing,
i rediscovered that i am pretty much lost when it comes to the relaxation thing
i stood around then paced around saying in my head, 'what should i be doing right now'  'i should be doing something right now'
i felt anxious and unproductive
my sister in law Jani finally said, 'Briana, you can sit down'
what a novel idea, i could sit down
i looked around to find everyone else sitting
boy, i'm not very good at this

last night around 8 o'clock i began experiencing vertigo
my body was sensing that i was allowing it to slow down
its world was being turned upside down
the suppressed tiredness i had forbidden to surface was finally seeing some light
it saw that my pace was being reduced to a less than frantic pace
so it kicked in full force letting me know i need to just relax
i was so dizzy i couldn't stand
sleep deprivation finally won
i went to sleep at 8 pm
crawled into bed makeup on, earrings in, teeth neglected
seriously it happened

this morning i awoke to the repeated buzzing of my phone
texts and phone calls
i had slept for 12 hours
i probably could have slept for longer
my body is winning
but i guess sometimes it knows best
a little r&r is needed
not only for body
but the soul

don't i look rested already
my hair certainly does

what do you do to help transition from the hurriedness of life to vacation time?  or am i alone in this?


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