Wednesday, May 15, 2013

one word wednesday: project

this morning through one word wednesday
i am able to give you a little preview of one of the projects that i have alluded to 
a project in which i will be selling my original handmade designs
see my first little sneak peek here

i am a project oriented person
i love having a project
it gets my creative juices flowing
a rush of enlightenment and excitement
its an outlet for feeling like i am unleashing a part of me that is contained from the daily tasks of normal life
it is essential for my balanced life

i am in love with 'the new' when it comes to projects
creating a new design
the thrill comes in the planning and dreaming process
seeing something original take form
that is just about where my attention span lies
creating a few of a single design
before my thoughts are already racing about the next new thing

this is the process i hope to capture and expound upon
the new
one after another
after another

i will be selling new designs week after week
in very limited quantity
and it is going to be fun
very, very fun
and i can't wait for you to see all my ideas
and hope you'll all be 'dash'ing to see what the next week's design will be

this little sneak peek is of the design that will be my very first release
and i'm so giddy about how these are turning out
any guesses as to what they are going to be???

amanda- oh my little dears  /   jenna - jenna lou designs

we have had some exciting things going on the lives of our other blogger friends who weren't able to squeeze one word wednesday in this week.
jessica's announcement of baby #2 on its way

thank you to all our readers who participated in our first week of one word wednesday
looking forward to more joining us on the challenge this week

One Word Wednesday is a simple photo challenge intended to tie friends together and inspire anyone and everyone to document the everyday beauty in the world around them. Please join us every Wednesday, sharing a photo that celebrates a scene from your life on your blog and/or instagram. Each word will be announced one week in advance to give you time to think on and capture an image that celebrates that particular word. Be sure to leave a link or add hashtag #onewordwednesday and @briana6 to your photos, so that we can all share in the joy! Next week's word: GROWTH!


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