Thursday, May 30, 2013

one word wednesday: today


these are the todays that make all the labors of life worthwhile
the miracle of life breaths a sweet and convincing reminder of its grandeur all bundled in the form of a beautiful newborn babe
little Sawyer arrived to bring joy and heavenly peace to my sister Vanessa and her husband Josh
i felt privileged to enter into this realm of love and wonder

it was eleven years today that i became a mom
a feeling of being made complete in a way i never expected or felt possible
a feeling of tranquility and joy overwhelming my whole being
i held my darling baby boy and for the first time felt a glimpse of how much i am loved by my Heavenly Father
these past eleven years have been a time of tremendous growth for both mother and son 
especially over the past year
i am so grateful for the young man Owen is becoming
our past events of difficulty is molding him into a compassionate and caring man
love you my little daydreamer
my inventor
my engineer
my sensitive soul

joining me today in one word wednesday 
is the lovely jenna from jenna lou designs
she is experiencing tremendous growth in her business 
one she is grown from the ground up
and has blossomed from her consistent nourishment and dedication

i loved seeing the variety of photos this week
each a testament to the growth they see in their own world
thank you so much for everyone who participated

One Word Wednesday is a simple photo challenge intended to tie friends together and inspire anyone and everyone to document the everyday beauty in the world around them. Please join us every Wednesday, sharing a photo that celebrates a scene from your life on your blog and/or instagram. Each word will be announced one week in advance to give you time to think on and capture an image that celebrates that particular word. Be sure to leave a link or add hashtag #onewordwednesday and @briana6 to your photos, so that we can all share in the joy! Next week's word: REFLECTION!

what have you experienced today that has you stopping to take notice?


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