Friday, May 10, 2013

life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother

life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother
i love that
how often do we wish for a manual for life
instead the moment we enter this life
we are given a mother

this video beautifully honors those mothers we love
and summons desires for us to become the mother we hope to be
i love that it emphasizes that it is the little things that truly matter
and compound to make up the grandeur of the bond between mother and child
tucking them in at night
being home to answer their call, 'mom'
dancing around the room
helping them with their homework
butterfly kisses
washing their hands
putting your arm around them
tending to their cries
fixing a necklace to put the clasp in the back of her neck
tucking their hair behind their ear

there in good times
there in hard times
there in the details of life

enjoy this two minute video that will enlarge your heart
and conjure gratitude to those mothering figures in your life

as i reread my last year's post 'to my mother'
i was amazed how its theme is so very similar in nature to the things that touched my heart about my mother and motherhood this year
that the little things matter
it was a testimony to me to the truthfulness of this idea
not just an idea but a lived-out and experienced fact

as i have observed my mother over this past difficult year
i have seen the small things that make her the incredible faithful woman she is
getting out of bed each day
wearing a smile
tending to my needs
being a grandma to my children
attending our church's temple frequently to feel of its peace and perspective
teaching women about the Constitution
quietly serving others
loving and missing my Daddy
making plans for her future, one very different than she imagined

oh how i thank my Heavenly Father each day
for granting me to be her daughter
i'm grateful for her life being a true manual for motherhood


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