Wednesday, May 08, 2013

one word wednesday: pink

this one really made me stretch
over time i have grown to embrace the softness of pink
or even the occasional wowsers hot pink like this chair
but as a young girl and into my adulthood i took a stand against pink
embracing all the other colors of the rainbow
pink symbolized mediocrity and conformity to me
though i wouldn't have used those words as a young girl
liking pink meant being the same as all the other girls who liked pink 
because that is what little girls were supposed to do
{and boy does my little girl}
i always prided myself on being a little different
wanting to stand out a little
not too much, just enough to be noted as different but accepted
maybe it began with being named briana
a name which at the time was very unique, which i loved
but had one downfall, i could never find it on a bike license plate or a pencil

upon finding out i was having a girl after three boys, i was thrilled
and did my best to avoid pink
but it was destined to come
because for whatever reason it is ingrained to be loved by most normal little girls
{ones who aren't worrying about individuality at the age of 5}
so it has been embraced in our home
because it is Felicity's favorite color
tutus, princess wands, pajamas, abounds
i have now grown up
and can enjoy the femininity that accompanies pink without feeling like i am jeopardizing my individuality
i am cracking myself up at how absurd this all is
pure absurdity: ridiculously unreasonable

Felicity's frills of pink were not what my non-pink-conformist eye was drawn to for this week
my eye was captured by the beautifully subtle pink of my boys' lips 
my handsome boys

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next week's word: project

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