Monday, May 20, 2013

what's behind the quiet

things have been a little quiet here on the blog 
but i’m sure most you know me well enough to mistake equating quiet on the blog with quiet at home
things have picked up in craziness busyness
if that is even possible
yes it is
as this true statement by Mark Twain basically sums it up
both good and bad
“apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today”

i know you have had those days
both good and bad

at the time of the year when things start winding down schoolwise
but picking up activitywise
our house is swirling
with adjustment

the truth of the matter is that prayers are being answered over here at a rate that i am feeling a little out of breath with
all of these answers have been regarding things i have been praying about for a long time
issues very different from each other
one regarding parenting a particular child
another regarding desires to improve weaknesses
and another in regards with opportunities to help ease the burdens of my husband by helping to provide for the family

with enormous grace one of them has been answered with a solution that actually eases my workload
but that does not undermine the amount of work it took to finally receive an answer that brought peace
a tremendous peace that only came after i submitted my will to Heavenly Father
time and time again i have had a similar prayer
i presented him with what i thought would be best and really wanted
but said that if that was not what he wanted me to do and not what was best, that i would do what he wanted me to do instead
well in an incredible experience the Lord granted me my heart’s desire only after i had truly humbled myself to be willing to do whatever he wanted me to
even if it wasn’t what i wanted
that’s all he needed to know
that i would have done it if he would have asked
an extremely powerful experience

the ease of workload brought about by one answer to prayer has been balanced out by an increase of work brought about by an answer to a different prayer 
that being the one regarding helping Mike provide for our family
why do we fear it
why do we resist it
work brings about satisfaction, fulfillment of dreams, service to others, beauty, growth
yet it takes continual mental strength to keep going some days
and now that the Lord has placed this in my path
it is my responsibility to work, to labor, to stretch myself
to create out of this offering of help, a real opportunity for my family

as i have previously revealed, one way in which i will be helping to ease the financial burdens placed on Mike is through an incredible company called Nerium
the product is fantastic and the business opportunity full of hope
never would i have thought my answer to my prayer would have come in the form of an anti-aging treatment
never would i have thought i would have a great desire to share such a thing with everyone
this is not in my comfort zone
but i have found it to have been easier than i would have thought
just like sharing a favorite recipe or lip gloss color or preschool you love

i have already received a variety of responses from others in my sharing of this product
from dodging and avoidance of me as i come closer
from hurtful comments by dream crushers
to new found cheerleaders and spokespeople of the product
to those who see the hope in the opportunity as i have

i understand that it may not be for everyone
and others may see me as crazy or annoying
but my greatest desire is despite whatever opinion you may have about Nerium and whether its for you or not, and however you view the way I am sharing it to everyone,
you will see this
a woman who passionately loves her family, who views this opportunity as a gift from God, and is working hard to do what she can to provide financial relief for her hard-working husband of failing health and her four young children
a woman who is grasping onto that hope and stretching herself because she remembers why she is doing it and what the end result will be
that is what i hope others will see

in reaching out to others about this product
the greatest blessing so far has been learning how so many of you who read my blog and remain silent without a digital footprint
have not remained silent in your prayers to Heavenly Father on our behalf
i have been so overcome with gratitude to learn of so many of you who are praying for us on a regular basis, even fasting for us by name.
this has brought me tremendous strength and humbled me to tears
that you would deem us worthy of your time and prayers is completely humbling and spirit lifting
thank you to so many of you

what have you done in your life that may have been scary or hard for you to do, but you did it because you had to or because you loved someone so much, it was worth the work and time?
please share
you know i love hearing from you.

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