Friday, June 28, 2013

be crafty workshop: california style

be crafty workshop california style

i am delighted to share with you today our
be crafty workshop here in sunny california
what a dream it has been to become real friends with creatives i have first met virtually through blogging and instagramming
amanda of oh my little dears, the queen of eye candy and happy mail packages, has become such a close friend in such a small amount of time
she is magic i tell you, anything she touches turns pinterest worthy
she was just featured here as a 'site for sore eyes' on creature comforts
this girl is going places

working with her to put on this workshop was such a blast
there was no work about it
just play
the magic is in the details
down to the last cabochon flower and washi tape flag
i loved watching my home fill with arrangements of pretty things
earlier that morning we had a few minutes to go thrifting and a hit a flea market
she scored this divine 1950's mint table
a perfect show piece for our supplies and projects

chalkboard paint nametags and wood slice
be crafty craft supplies
red velvet whoopie pies

chicken wire frame

each of our guests were spoiled by our four incredible Etsy sponsors
some of my favorite moments came even before the workshop began
opening up my mailbox to find pretty packages filled with all of the sponsor's gifts
be sure to check out all of their shops and send them a shout-out from Sweet Dreams are Made of These and Be Crafty Workshops
thank you, thank you to all of our generous sponsors

painted wooden earrings by emoorestore

emoorestore: adding a little curiosity to everyday goods
whimsically playful mugs and darling accessories for you and your little
i picked the mint earrings for me, aren't they clever and perfect for the summer?!
emoorestore is offering all of our be crafty friends a 20% off your entire order through July 31st
just enter the code becrafty

where the wild things are print from olive and birch

fun, bright prints with so many of them inspired by beloved classic children's books
goodbye moon, where the wild things are, oh the places you'll go, i'll love you forever
i also adore the custom silhouette print of your child or pet

hot air balloon and chalkboard printables

ohhdearlover: creating heart warming art for you and yours
colorful prints in all of the latest home decor trends
love me so me arrow, mason jar, hot air balloon, and chalkboard prints
a delightful variety

banana split marshmallows and sugar cookie

lanae's bakery
sending your taste buds straight to heaven
i don't think anyone at the workshop could stop talking about the goodies
little pieces of electrifying bliss you never knew existed
banana split marshmallows, what?!
all the delectable treats shown were brought by lanae and her sweet mom

we also were blessed by one of our guests
betsy, who brought some amazing taquitos from her shop rock it tacos

we are so grateful to our amazing guests who came to spend the afternoon with us
some i knew well, others i had the chance to get to know
i loved seeing the variety of styles and colors chosen by everyone
differences make the world go 'round
our six projects kept us busy, busy
decisions about what color of glitter take time you know
it all sure made a pretty mess

vintage mint table

the people are what make workshops a success
thank you, thank you to all of our friends, old and new, who came to our crafting marathon
i was so happy to have my baby sister in town
she and her doting fiancé were so adorable to watch
a crafting date is good for any relationship, right mike?!

amanda and her heart of gold mom paulette tended to all of our guests needs
happily assisting and helping them to feel welcome
we had such a jazzed group of crafters, building friendships, helping to wipe paint and glue off each other's hands, and of course comparing favorites from lanae's bakery
i think the campfire s'mores won

i was also so happy to spend more time with amy from our daily obsessions 
{the scissor passer seen above}
amy and i met in the most unusual way
she was one my daddy's nurses who took care of him so sweetly
i love how Heavenly Father places people in your path who create such a lasting impact

speaking of impact
this polkadot pant clad gal is my go-to girl for impact
this trip was the first time amanda and leslie were able to meet
loving bringing friends together
here we are, the three crafteteers
i couldn't resist the bad play on words
how about
the photographer, the diy-er, and the chaos maker

i can't wait til we are all back together again
would you like a be crafty workshop to come to your area
drop us a line and maybe i can convince amanda to let me tag along


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