Wednesday, June 26, 2013

popeye's ice cream - one word wednesday: treat

i am so grateful for women in my life whose love for things of the kitchen spills over and the crumbs of their know-how and enthusiasm fall below to me to my benefit
i have so many family members and friends who know of my insecurities and often pass on recipes to me with words of encouragement
as well as statements that this recipe is so easy, even i can do it and not mess it up

while visiting my sister in law Karen in Utah this month
{you remember her from this post and her blog  Sew Stitchin' Cute}
she shared with us her special version of
Popeye’s Ice Cream

throwing things in a blender, 
now that’s a recipe i can handle


here is the recipe with Karen's modifications:

3/4 C. half & half or creamer (you can probably also just use milk here)
1/2 banana
2/3 C. powdered milk 
1/4 C. agave or honey (if you're using the creamer you can omit this or just put in a little- maybe 1/8 cup or less)
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups spinach (feel free to throw in some kale if you've got it- it won't affect the taste)
2 cups ice

blend and enjoy every heavenly bite :)

we are huge fans of the Vita-mix at our house
smoothies are a staple
and my kids are no strangers to spinach and kale
two ingredients most often added to our favorite smoothies

eyan enjoyed being my little helper
and yes that is him voluntarily putting spinach in the blender

we all loved this refreshing summer treat
the consistency akin to a slushie more than an ice cream
maybe next time i’ll try more ice
but then the kids might not be able to don these fashionable green mustaches they crack themselves up with
i can't count how many trips to the mirror were taken whilst consuming our
Popeye's ice cream

at least now i know what tate will look like as a man
he seriously looks so old with his spinach mustache

mine didn't have time to create any mustaches or messes of any kind
straight down it went
it has such a rich creamy flavor, a half glass is plenty

moms for decades continue to shout their praise of a squinty-eyed, power-punched sailor man
i’m strong to the finich
cause i eats me spinach
i’m Popeye the sailor man


what summer treats have you enjoyed?
can't wait to see all those delectable delights flooding the instagram feed
make sure to tag #onewordwednesday and me at @briana6

catching up with some of my favorites from the past weeks one word wednesday
thank you to everyone who has been participating and following along

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