Tuesday, June 11, 2013

up those rocky steps

rocky steps in battling ms

my two week sabbatical from everyday life is drawing to a close
i am excited to soon share with you a few of the highlights of my trip
this morning however, i wanted to share one that has shone brightly
the support that Mike has received
it has been a tremendous blessing, particularly for him, to be surrounded by his family and to hear their expressions of love and support
he needs to hear and experience that
and in person is the most impactful way
face to face
tear matched with tear
Owen continues to rise to the occasion and role of supporter
the majesty of my brother and sister-in-laws house
pales in comparison to the love and valor my son shows as he helps his dad up those rocky steps to the entrance
i was so happy to have captured this tender moment with my iPhone
being gone from home for this long has had its challenges
but the blessings we have received whilst being here far outweighs them all


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