Wednesday, June 19, 2013

one word wednesday: hello


today i wanted to say hello and share some random quirky things about me
spoken to you in true briana fashion
stream of consciousness
remember that term from 10th grade english
stream of consciousness
:  the continuous unedited chronological flow of conscious experience through the mind

ooo this next definition makes my ramblings sound more sophisticated

stream of consciousness
: a narrative technique that gives the impression of a mind at work, jumping from one observation, sensation, or reflection to the next.
so here is the impression of my mind at work
saying hello and sharing five random tid bits about me

**i knocked out my front teeth when i was eight.  i tripped on a step at 7-11 and swallowed them.  true story.  we went to get a slurpee as a substitute treat since getting tossed high in the air in an eskimo blanket was too dangerous.  we lived in Anchorage at the time.  i now have beautiful teeth, that’s a whole other story...with a saga in between.

**according to others i am the loudest chewer ever.  i close my mouth when i chew, i promise.  apparently i have jaws of steel, which is ironic since i have teeth like glass ready to shatter at the first sign of runts, skittles or fruit & nut bars...yes all things i have broken my teeth on.  i guess my chewing is like nails on a chalkboard to mike some because they get up and leave the room or make mean comments when i chew in their ear on the phone.

**i know i am the worst at making sound effects and doing accents.  now i just think its funny to attempt them and watch people’s faces.  all my accents seem to sound the same.  scurvy pirate meets irish pub owner.  although i guess i have my own accent because i get asked where i’m from all the time.   i was told i sounded French-Texan once.  it really is a family accent though.  we all sound the same.  ask us to say ‘pants’ or ‘mountain’ or ‘already’
name that sound effect:
hi-ya.  puhpuhpuh.  kuh-chhh
.kcik etarak .nug .uoy eveileb t’nod i nehw em

**i am a terrible liar.  can’t do it.  you can read it all over my beat red face adorned with uncontainable emerging smirk.  could never be a magician, surprise party thrower, or undercover agent... although i want to be sydney bristow when i grow up.  but who doesn’t.  best. show. ever.  alias, that is.

**i seriously have a need to go rollerskating.  the kind with four wheels.  i had a white pair with purple wheels and stopper as a little girl.  i have been wanting to go for years.  i suggested it for mike’s birthday party, but got shot down.  maybe one day i’ll be the cool kid that looks over their shoulder going backwards by moving one of their skates quickly in a ‘s’ motion.

so there you go
could you follow along
if you made it this far you are a true friend

looking forward to seeing you say hello to me today for one word wednesday
and sharing some random things about yourself as well.

thanks to my eight year old photographer for capturing these silly photos of mom today

reader favorites to come.....i promise:)  
check back later today, off to the pool.  i know, you wish you could come!
well, come on over.

One Word Wednesday is a simple photo challenge intended to tie friends together and inspire anyone and everyone to document the everyday beauty in the world around them. Please join us every Wednesday, sharing a photo that celebrates a scene from your life on your blog and/or instagram. Each word will be announced one week in advance to give you time to think on and capture an image that celebrates that particular word. Be sure to leave a link or add hashtag #onewordwednesday and @briana6 to your photos, so that we can all share in the joy! Next week's word: TREAT!


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