Thursday, June 20, 2013

follow me: a bloglovin tutorial, its not just for huge blog readers

bloglovin tutorial - why you'll love it even if you're not an avid blog reader
you're waiting at the DMV
you're waiting in the carpool line
you've got fifteen minutes before you have to put in the next load of laundry or catch your plane
whenever it is
we grab those 'stand still' minutes or fleeting few minutes between tasks to catch up on those things we like to read and see
whether it be recipes, sports, politics, diy projects, latest fashion
whatever your passion
we all have our favorite websites that we check frequently
there is a sea of information and we want the best and we want to know quickly if its something we'd like to know more about and read now
know more about but save for later
or skip over

this is why you need a reader
to streamline what you are already doing
you're already checking your favorite sites on a regular basis, why not have it all in one place
i'm not going to get into the techie stuff about readers
but basically that
one place where you can go to see what's new with all your selected favorite blogs and sites
viewed in a brief chronological format
you see the blog post or article header
a photo
and the beginnings of the text

from there you can make your half second decision
read now, read later, or skip
as you scroll along your sea of eye candy to the next one
and on and on
til you have to board that plane, put in the laundry, or they finally call your number at the DMV

this why you need bloglovin'
and why you should follow my blog on it

let me show you

here is a screenshot of the home screen.  after creating an account you can search for those favorite sites/blogs you look at all the time and follow them.  they make it easy to find new blogs to follow as well.  then if you'd like, categorize them however you choose for easy browsing, or just starting reading.  read your posts by category, blog, or date.  from the home screen you can 'like' a post to save it for later reading or share the post to facebook or twitter.

bloglovin tutorial - why bloglovin is for everyone

once you find a post that you'd like to read, click on it and another window of the entire post pops open.  at the top of the blog there is a handy navigation toolbar that allows you to move forward and back through your unread posts, like the post, share it to facebook or twitter, as well as pin it to one of your pinterest boards.  you can even make a comment...highly recommended:)

bloglovin tutorial - your favorite blogs in one place

you can also choose to have a roundup of your favorite posts sent straight to your email inbox
daily or weekly
can they make it any easier to stay up to date with what you love

bloglovin tutorial - blogs straight to your inbox

for those times in the airport, DMV, or carpool lane
download the iPhone, android, or iPad app
makes for easy browsing of all of your favorite sites on the go

download the bloglovin app - bloglovin tutorial

still don't think you'd use bloglovin'?
just think of all the sites you frequent every day and how nice it would be to have them all in one place
plug in some keywords in the search bar and see what comes up
search for your favorite sites and blogs
i bet you they are on there

espn on bloglovin

of course i would love for you to follow my blog
don't miss a single post
i love when you come to visit
as so many of you responded so supportively when i shared my dream with you 
of creating a sustainable blog that could help me provide for my family in the wake of the rapid descent of my husband's health due to his multiple sclerosis
following my blog on bloglovin' would be an excellent way on my path of making this dream a reality
sponsors, public relation firms. and other online companies use the numbers from platforms such as bloglovin' in order to determine if i am worthy of their time and investment
numbers are the basic requirement before they will look at the quality of our content
i know you want to help support us 
and an easy way you can do that is to follow me on 'bloglovin'
since google reader... that little box in the right that says ‘follow’ ... will being closing down in less than two weeks, all my 'followers' will disappear
i have worked hard over the past many years to create a community of readers 
some of you have made a physical manifestation of 'following' me by becoming one of my 67 followers from google friend connect
i would love so many more of you whom i know visit often and enjoy what you read here 
to choose to follow me on bloglovin'
my goal will be to reach 100 new followers by the end of the month
its possible with your help
hop on over here 
i'm waiting for you to say 'hello'
thank you friends
can't wait to see so many of you join me

follow my blog on bloglovin

to read more of the benefits of bloglovin' for bloggers
head over to this amazing tutorial that i drew so much inspiration from


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