Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'milk unleashed' review for national dairy month

milk plays a fairly significant role in our house with my four live crew
and a cereal loving hubby
at any given time, we have at least four types of milk stocked in our fridge:
2 % or non-fat milk
muscle milk
almond milk
coconut milk
chocolate milk
organic milk

when i was approached by the Milk Unleashed campaign for Tetra Pak shelf safe milk
during June as National Dairy Month
it wasn't a stretch to see that this milk would fit right in with our on-the-go lifestyle

bringing our shelf stable milk to our summer bucket list destinations
uht milk with the milk unleashed cow

Milk Unleashed is shelf safe milk, the same grade A milk you love but packaged in special eco-friendly cartons to protect it until it is opened
making it easy to throw in lunch boxes, picnic baskets, diaper bags, beach coolers and sports bags
the milk is flash-heated at higher temperatures but retains 8 grams of protein and 9 essential nutrients
the Tetra Pak shelf safe cartons require no refrigeration or preservatives for six to nine months until the package is open

we decided to put it to the test
each of the kids were able to choose from a variety of milk flavors
and with such a wide selection of brands and flavors all arguments were preempted
chocolate milk was the clear favorite

packing our milk cartons

eyan chose white chocolate milk which intrigued us both

white chocolate milk

felicity chose the 'blue' milk

felicity packing her shelf stable milk

having packed up our snacks and Milk Unleashed we headed down the big hill to the park
the boys leaving mom in the dust

summer bucket list to ride to the park 

of course they had to stop at the edge of a mammoth hill lining the new construction
and throw a few rocks and stomp on the ant hills

boys throwing rocks

it was quite the adventure just getting to the park
once we were there they were ready for their milk
making their debut, the johnson crew recorded their first ever video review
Milk Unleashed put to the test by the true critics
hit play to hear their milk loving expert opinions

i thought they did an amazing job on the spot with their reviews

ringing endorsements of Milk Unleashed from the kids:
"some chocolate milks, they don't taste like chocolate milk they just taste like regular milk, but this tastes like chocolate milk."  Owen
"it tastes just like a plain old white chocolate bar."  Eyan
"it has more chocolate in it so i can plow it down"  Tate
"its yummy" Felicity
the consensus seemed to be that the taste of the Tetra Pak shelf safe milk was even better than regular refrigerated milk
i certainly enjoyed my delicious strawberry milk
and particularly enjoyed the convenience of easily bringing along some moo-tritious drinks for the kiddos
{i couldn't resist... when felicity was littler she called cows 'moo'.  one morning on our way to school we spotted some cows in a field.  eyan said, "wouldn't it be funny if 'moo's said 'cow'".  we all got a pretty good laugh out of that one}

so whatever fun trips are involved on your summer bucket list this year
beach, blueberry patch, summer camp, pool, camping
bring along some shelf safe milk for the occasion
and enjoy that refreshing taste of home

shelf stable milk for the park
kids drinking their shelf stable milk at the park

did you know that studies show that low-fat chocolate milk is a great beverage for post workouts?
let me tell you our park trip was a definite workout

shelf stable milk for  your on-the-go summer bucket list

interested in learning more about Milk Unleashed?
their website is full of facts, tips, and even games for the kids.
be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest information
check out places to buy your Tetra Pak shelf safe milk here

from me and my four live crew
we say, happy national dairy month from us and Milk Unleashed
and may all your moos say 'cow'

where would you take your shelf safe milk?  
if you have tried it before, what do you think about it?

No compensation was received for this review. We did receive complimentary samples of ‘Tetra Pak Shelf Safe Milk’ from ‘Milk Unleashed’.  All opinions are ours.


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