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interview with florist and event designer: petals and lace

advice for the bride for this summer trends

today i have the privilege of introducing you to the fabulously talented designer behind 
petals and lace floral and event design
kelly fiorito
who will share this us today some of this summer’s bridal floral trends
as well as some pieces of advice on topics such as selecting a wedding style and venue 
we also will find out a little more about how she got started as an independent florist

a love for flowers is in my blood
earlier in my life i shared with you here that i owned my own floral business
a rose is a rose
and even have shared a tutorial for a backyard date night corsage here
my grandmother did flowers 
my mother knows every name of every garden flower there is
and my aunt has a thriving floral business

yes, kelly fiorito is my aunt kelly
i am so honored and proud to share her vision and floral artistry with you today
her creations are simply breathtaking and her ability to transform a bride’s ideas into reality is pure magic

advice for the bride from a san diego florist and event planner

Q: At what point did you fall in love with your job as a florist and designer?

A: I’ve always loved working with flowers.  My mom had a floral business when I was young and I helped her at home and worked with her doing weddings.  In high school I did greenery, cleaned flowers, and stripped roses at a local floral shop.  Since then I’ve done flowers on and off for friends.  I later worked at a large floral company but knew I’d much rather do original work than 80 of the same corsage.  Petals and Lace began five years ago when my friend asked me to do their wedding in La Jolla.  I didn’t know then that I would be raising my grandson.  One day I had my 4 year old grandson with me and he said, ‘There are succulents over there, do you want to get some?’  I realized then that I had become my mom who had always carried clippers wherever she went.  

mother and daughter florists

Q: What are the main trends for brides this summer for flowers and decor?

A:  Vintage rustic has definitely been the most requested style this summer.  Adding lace and prints including stripes and chevron as well.   For bouquets, a monochromatic color palette of champagne, blush, and ivories.  Soft yellows and greys as well.  Yellow and corals are also coming in this year.  

Personalizing a reception to reflect the hobbies and lifestyle of the couple has also been a major trend.  Book lovers incorporating old books, candlesticks, teacups, and pearls.  One couple loved astronomy and so they had telescopes at night at the reception.  

Receptions are also including things to do instead of just sit around:  games of horseshoes, bacci ball, and even dance instructors.

Couples are also making the wedding not just about that day.  Instead of having just a 4-5 hour wedding and reception, there are after-hours receptions where the guests go to a new location with a fire pit, s’mores bar, coffee bar, or even food trucks.  Guests spend the night and then have breakfast together in the morning.  More venues are allowing couples to rent the venue for the whole weekend where the wedding party and guests can stay.  Since so many people travel far distances, it makes it a nice, whole weekend thing.

Memory tables and momentos are also becoming more popular, remembering those special family members with table displays with photos and their belongings.  One bride created a special place setting at the table and boutonneire for her beloved grandfather.  I wrapped a photo of my daughter in law’s mother around her bouquet.

the condor's nest bride

Q:  What are your top recommendations for a bride who is trying to decide on a style or theme for her wedding decor and flowers?

A:  Make it personal.  Make it individual to you.  Make it different.  If its something that you love and you want to do, then do it.  Its about you the individual couple.  Anything goes nowadays: taco bars, ice cream bars.  If you are an art lover, have your reception at a gallery.  Get your inspiration for anywhere.  So many brides are limiting their choices of what to do for their wedding to just what the see on Pinterest, which right now seems to be so much of the same.  Don’t be afraid to use color everywhere else, if you are afraid to use it in your own bouquet.  There are so many gorgeous flowers.  If there is a flower that you love, but its so expensive, just do it in your own bouquet. 

using color in your wedding

Q: What finally lit the fire under your feet to help transform a wedding venue?

A: I have been wanting to do this for years.  The opportunity fell in my lap when my son Bryan had his rehearsal dinner at Lazy H Ranch.  The owner wanted to transform his property but didn’t have any idea where to start.  My business partner Sandra and I met with him and showed him a vision of what we could help him achieve, a tranquil place where bride’s style could be showcased at this all outdoor venue.  Whispering Meadows was born.

{see photos of Whispering Meadows on my post about their launch bridal fair here}

san diego wedding venue whispering meadows

Q:  What advice you would give a bride who is looking for a venue for a wedding?

A: Find somewhere that when you walk onto the venue you can say it takes my breath away.  That by the feeling you get when your first step onto the venue that you can imagine your wedding there.  Think about your guest, your older guests, and the ease of getting to it and staying nearby.  Be sure that the venue is flexible to your needs and does not charge extra for every little thing nor have time constraints that are super strict.

wedding event rentals in southern california

Q: You also started a rental portion of your business.  What sorts of items could a bride rent from you?

A: Most of what you see in our photos comes from our rentals.  Chandeliers, containers, mirrors, candlesticks, wood tree trunks, settee for sweetheart tables, signs, old books, table setting, linens, chalkboard items, parasols, the list goes on. 

{Be sure to check out Petals and Lace’s Rental Gallery to see the full line of rentals here}

wedding event rentals in southern california

Q: After all the work is done, at what moment does it make it all worth it?

A: When I hear from my bride that she is satisfied with her wedding, hearing her exclamation, ‘oh i love my bouquet!!‘  When the bride appreciates it and it is more than what they expected.  I received a letter from one of my brides who told me that her wedding looked like it belonged in a garden and how when she walked in she was in tears because she couldn’t believe it could look like that, that it was more than she had dreamed. 

advice for the bride for this summer trends

Do you have a question you would like to ask our resident florist and event designer?  Leave it here in the comments and I'm sure she'd be happy to respond.

Do you live in Southern California and would be interested in a free consultation with Petals and Lace?  Be sure to leave your information here and they will be sure to get back with you. 

*all sources of photos are cited or are from Petals and Lace home site or Facebook page


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