Wednesday, July 03, 2013

one word wednesday: vacation


vacations are about doing things that aren't normally in your daily lineup
that is the excitement, the draw
whether that be relaxing on a lounge chair with a umbrella clad glass in your hand
or dragging behind a john deere lawn mower, blades off of course

this has to be the most talked about vacation event by our boys
being with their utah cousins in and on and behind the 'tractor'
an annual tradition for their family
one in which we've only been able to enjoy a few years but that has not dimmed its luster
even i've gotten in on the action
dragging behind that thing gives you an incredible ab workout i tell you
see my death grip here
you have to keep a stronghold or you're bound to have a few mischievous fingers try to peel your own fingers off
no moms or kids were harmed in the shooting of this post

what has been your family's favorite vacation event?
would love to hear what you have been up to this summer
show us a little preview of your summer vacation.

i had some serious summer treat envy seeing these scrumptious delectables you are consuming
any extras?

One Word Wednesday is a simple photo challenge intended to tie friends together and inspire anyone and everyone to document the everyday beauty in the world around them. Please join us every Wednesday, sharing a photo that celebrates a scene from your life on your blog and/or instagram. Each word will be announced one week in advance to give you time to think on and capture an image that celebrates that particular word. Be sure to leave a link or add hashtag #onewordwednesday and @briana6 to your photos, so that we can all share in the joy! Next week's word: LOVE!


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