Monday, July 08, 2013

love is in the air

love is in the air
my baby sister is getting married
and in honor of her twitter-pated state i thought i would celebrate alongside her on the blog
who doesn't love celebrating that dreamy 'head in the clouds' time in ones life
so this week we hope to give you a little inspiration in the love and wedding department
we will be featuring
a dreamy bridal fair from a new bridal venue
an interview with a visionary florist who will share her tips for brides as well as comment on this summer's floral trends
a simple and sweet bridal shower activity - i know we can all use one of those
mike and i's love story told by my other half
and there may be a surprise or two thrown in there for you

today i wanted to give you a little taste of my sister's vision for her wedding
something my mom and my aunt are busily transforming into a reality

elizabeth is my sister's name
liz to some
not lizzie
snoog or snoogity to her family
i can't even remember where that nickname came from
mrs. snoogity brandt
don't worry that's not showing up on the invitations

my sister studied abroad in italy
then later lived in france and switzerland as a missionary for our church
she is marrying a washington boy who speaks french as well
he adores everything about her
you may have spotted this doting fiancé crafting alongside my sister here
together they love anything french, particularly crepes
{my sister makes the best crepes around, both savory and sweet}
being outdoors and laughing really hard

elizabeth's style is a little sense & sensibility meets the umbrellas of cherbourg
formal vintage elements, a touch of the french countryside, with splashes of saturated color
below find a wedding inspiration board
featuring some of elizabeth's pins from her vision pinterest board

vintage lace and raspberry wedding inspiration board

inspiration sources:   1  //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6 

it is going to be divine
delicious and divine

oh l'amour
parting is such sweet sorrow
so lets not make it for too long
be sure to check back this week for more wedding inspired posts


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